New Beginnings

How to face a new beginning   New beginnings can be scary. The main reason being that it normally follows an ending. In my forty-something years, I have had a few new beginnings, and with each new beginning – whether it was when I moved to Singapore, or decided to concentrate all my efforts intoRead More

Motherhood, Crime Writing and Hypocrisy

Motherhood, Crime Writing and Hypocrisy Most of the time, my career as a writer perfectly complements being a mother of three. I’m extremely fortunate. I take my children to school and pick them up. I never miss a parents’ evening or sports game, and I’m always around to help with homework or to run anRead More

Poison in life and literature

My fascination with poison began in the early nineteen eighties. Then, as a young woman fresh from university, I worked at the UK National Poison’s Information Service at Guy’s Hospital, London, as part of a team specially trained to provide information on the treatment of poisoning. A service for members of the medical profession, only.Read More

Envy - Amanda Robson

Ten tips to help you deal with writer’s block

In my new book, The Mini-Break, my main character Lulu is a successful, popular romance writer who has been published around the world. Suddenly she gets writer’s block. I could be wrong, but I think most writers experience this. I have done some exhaustive, in depth research (I asked my writer friends on Twitter) toRead More

The Mini-Break by Maddie Please

How My First Visit to Morocco Changed Everything

It had begun like any last minute away break – booking a cheap Easyjet flight to Marrakech, a trip to Boots for travel stuff and the bank machine for some cash, last minute packing, and a 3am taxi to Gatwick with my friend Marilyn (the friend who’d strong-armed me to join her on a five-dayRead More

The Lost Letter from Morocco - Adrienne Chinn

When I met DS Josie Masters again

When I met DS Josie Masters again ‘ Hello, old friend! It’s been a while…’   Bringing back a main character in series fiction is an odd feeling. Life as writer has moved on, but the protagonist of one’s creation has remained in a sort of limbo world, needed no more after the final pageRead More

Six Songs to Inspire Your Writing

Six Songs To Inspire Your Writing   Music serves many purposes, to relax, to excite, to entertain. It can evoke a precise moment from the past, conjuring an exact time and place, its sights and scents, arousing the same emotions. It’s a reminder, an escape, a relaxant, a stimulant. All music is providing the soundtrackRead More

Why We Need Role Models For Older Generations

Why We Need Role Models For Older Generations   My mum used to love a good romance novel. I was brought up with books strewn everywhere around the house and my mum would always have her nose in one, whatever she was doing. She enjoyed Catherine Cookson, Rosamund Pilcher and Maeve Binchy, especially tales aboutRead More