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author testimonials.

At Avon we pride ourselves on the hard work and dedication we throw at each and every one of our books, working with our authors to make their stories and publications the best that they can be. Don’t believe us? Ask our authors.
‘Working with Avon is an absolute joy. A writer’s life can be an isolated one at times, feeling cut off from the inner workings of the publisher industry – but not with Avon. The team are hands-on, keeping me updated and involving me at every turn. Their insight into branding and audiences is second to none and to top all that, they are all a bloody good laugh! I’m thrilled they’re my publisher and can’t wait to see what shenanigans we get up to with my next Harper Ford book!’
Harper Ford, author of Divorced Not Dead

‘Avon for me have been much more than a publisher – a mentor, friend and guide through this new and sometimes bewildering world. Ultimately, I am the writer I am because of their support.’
J.M. Hall, author of A Pen Dipped in Poison

‘There is literally no other team in publishing like Avon. They’re like a choir, all with their different parts that make a powerful melody. Plus, they’re super fun, which goes a long way in the otherwise very solitary “writing a book” process!’
C.L. Taylor, author of The Guilty Couple

Signing with Avon was an absolute dream come true. I’d loved their books for years, and felt welcomed into the family right from the start. The best thing about the imprint is definitely the people – everyone’s been so warm, enthusiastic and kind, making me feel very lucky to have such dedicated people to work with on each book’
Helen Fields, author of The Institution

‘The Avon team has a gift for finding books that really appeal to the widest possible audience, and for seeing potential in new writers. The sheer enthusiasm for and love of books at Avon is extraordinary. The support for their authors is legendary. Every book is valued, every writer is made to feel valued and there’s never a day when you can’t reach out to editorial, publicity, sales, marketing or anyone you need for guidance. Being an author with Avon has transformed my experience of being a writer. I’m part of a family now.’
Claire Allan, author of In The Dark

‘Working with Avon over the past two years has been incredible. I have been made to feel like a very valued part of a team, and have received incredible support from everyone – from my amazing editors, to sales and marketing. My career has soared since signing with Avon and I have achieved things I never thought possible. They are dream makers.’
Lorna Cook, author of The Hidden Letters

‘I’m so incredibly impressed with how easy and wonderful it’s been working with Avon. From acquisition to publication and beyond the whole measure has been completely seamless. While it’s wonderful to be felt very much part of a team and included in decisions surrounding my books, it’s also comforting to rest on Avon’s unparalleled knowledge of the market as they propelled my debut novel, The Forgotten Village, into success beyond my wildest dreams in such a short space of time. I’m beyond thrilled to be with such a dynamic and proactive publisher.’
Mandy Robotham, author of The War Pianist

‘I signed with Avon via their open submissions – at the time, I had no agent to guide me, and they were brilliant with taking me through edits, publicity and beyond. It’s such a complete team, and everyone is so approachable.’
Sam Carrington, author of The Girl in the Photo

‘As a debut author I feel very lucky to be with Avon. Everyone on the team is enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, and I’ve felt supported and included in every step of the process. They work so hard to champion their authors, and their excitement about my writing has helped to boost my confidence. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to launch my writing career.’
Sue Moorcroft, author of An Italian Island Summer

‘The Avon team is a delight as each of its members is approachable, creative and responsive. We work together to build my brand and sell my books.’
Fiona Gibson, author of The Man I Met on Holiday