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Meet the brains behind the Avon dream machine… from editors and sales to publicity and marketing, every part of the Avon team works together to ensure our books are always the best they can be!

Helen Huthwaite

Publishing Director

Helen is pretty sure that if you cut her open she would bleed Avon, having joined the division soon after its inception in 2010 and leading the team as Publishing Director since 2017. Helen’s voracious love of commercial fiction means that working at Avon isn’t much like a job at all, particularly as she gets to work with some of the very best authors in the business on the most page-turning novels around.

Sarah Bauer

Deputy Publishing Director

Sarah has been obsessed with commercial fiction for as long as she can remember. Before joining Avon, she’d worked at a number of publishers including Zaffre and Orion and has been lucky enough to publish some wonderful authors from well-known Sunday Times bestsellers, to launching debut novels. Sarah loves books that grip you from the first page, be it a thriller, romcom, sweeping historical saga or anything in-between – and she’s a sucker for a happy ending. She particularly enjoys novels with a strong female lead or a speculative edge and is keen to work with more underrepresented voices. She’s also given herself the title of Avon team baker.

Amy Mae Baxter

Commissioning Editor

Amy has had a varied career prior to Avon, having previously worked at Dialogue Books and Penguin Random House, working on everything from sexy romance novels to historical essay collections. Her passion, however, is hooky commercial fiction. Whether it be thrilling crime or soaring romance, Amy is focussed on books with a brilliant one sentence pitch – books that move genres on, whilst remaining firmly seated in tropes we know and love. Much of her career has been spent working with writers of colour, and in her spare time, she runs a books magazine by and about writers of colour, Bad Form. She is particularly interested in hearing from writers from underrepresented backgrounds, especially those interested in developing IP ideas.

Rachel Hart

Commissioning Editor

Having previously been at Head of Zeus and Welbeck, Rachel has loved working with phenomenal debut authors as well as seasoned Sunday Times bestsellers. She has always been passionate about commercial fiction and commissions broadly, from hilarious romcoms to twisty psychological thrillers, sweeping historical sagas to cosy crime and everything in between. She is keen to publish more underrepresented voices and looks forward to welcoming new authors to the Avon family.  

Elisha Lundin

Elisha Lundin


As an assistant editor, Elisha’s adoration for words is endless. She is passionate about storytelling and its wider impact on society, and when she is not reading or listening to stories, she’ll be behind her film camera where her photos speak for her. As a lover of romance, psychological thrillers, and crime fiction she is excited to see what the next year of publishing can bring to commercial fiction authors from underrepresented groups.

Raphaella Demetris

Assistant Editor

Our editorial assistant, Raphaella is inspired by the power of books to evoke emotional responses, connect people, and affect change. With a background in market research and insights, she is interested in how our commercial publishing can tap into emerging reader trends, and reach a wider, inclusive audience. Most weekends, Raphaella can be found rearranging her bookcase to try and fit in her ever-growing collection of books!

Maddie Dunne Kirby

Marketing Manager

As marketing manager, Maddie loves the creative elements of publishing, the beautifully designed assets, catchy shoutlines and finding new ways to make campaigns interactive are some of her favourite parts of the job.
An avid reader of all genres she loves Avon’s wide range of authors from Sue Moorcroft to Helen Fields and Molly Green to Lisa Timoney. When she isn’t reading, Maddie enjoys running, kickboxing and playing tennis.

Sammy Luton

Samantha Luton

Key Account Manager

Sammy started her sales career at HarperCollins in 2017 and still finds nothing more satisfying than seeing an author’s book on the shelves, knowing that she helped to put it there. When not persuading her customers that Avon books are THE best, or speeding through the latest must-read, she’ll probably be indulging in her other two passions in life – rock music and great food (sometimes both at once).

Ella Young

Ella Young

Marcomms Executive

Having studied International Relations, Ella is passionate about politics and stories. She is motivated by the power of a good book, whether that be an escapist romance novel or a social commentary manifesto. When not reading, she enjoys watching gripping TV dramas and documentaries.