Enjoy an authentic Greek recipe from Emma Cowell

Do you want to tuck into a delicious orange cake, or dip some fried courgette into the tastiest tzatziki you’ve ever tried? Follow these recipes from Emma Cowell, the author of One Last Letter from Greece, for an authentic taste of Greece. Starter: Fried courgettes and… Read More
One Night With You by Laura Jane Williams

One Night With You by Laura Jane Williams – Extract

Chapter 1 – Nic ‘Bro,’ Ollie says to me down the phone, his words thick with the drowsiness of sleep despite it being just after 3 p.m. ‘I’m so sorry. Don’t have a cob on or nothin’ – I overslept. I’ve only just woken up and seen your messages. Last… Read More
Sue Moorcroft recommends books that provide an escape

Books that provide an escape by Sue Moorcroft

I love books that carry me away. Some provide armchair travel, which is something I’ve valued more than usual in the past couple of years, but others take me to a different time or headspace. Here are five that have stayed with me. Tempted by the Runes by Christina Courtney… Read More
A Look Ahead at 2022

A look ahead: Avon’s 2022

A look ahead: Avon’s 2022  Another year has come and gone, and what a year it has been. 2021 has been fantastic for Avon and 2022 is already shaping up to be a year of firsts for our award-winning imprint.  Million-copy bestseller C.L. Taylor returns in January with the paperback… Read More
21 highlights of 2021

21 Highlights of 2021

It’s that time of the year when we look back on all that we achieved in the last 12 months and look forward to the next. 2021 was a fantastic year of Avon.  In 2021, we published 55 books We read seven books for our Team Avon… Read More
Phillipa Ashley's Christmas Playlist

Phillipa Ashley’s Christmas Playlist

When is it too soon to start playing festive tunes? After Bonfire Night? December 1st? Christmas Eve? What about June? For me, writing a Christmas novel begins on New Year’s Day and I’ll already have been thinking about the plot while the previous festive title is on the shelves. My… Read More
Sue Moorcroft's Five Favourite Christmas Books

Sue Moorcroft’s five favourite Christmas books

As I write Christmas books, you won’t be shocked to know that I read them, too! One of the things I like about Christmas-set novels is the variety of settings, plots and genres they inspire and the creativity of the authors. Here, in no particular order, are a few of… Read More
Four Cosy Christmas Must-Reads for 2021

Four Cosy Christmas Must-Reads for 2021

This Christmas, snuggle up with a mug of hot chocolate and your soft blanket to enjoy one of these four cosy Christmas must-reads of 2021. At Avon, we publish a wide range of women’s fiction, romance, historical fiction and saga, and there’s something for everyone… Read More
Three Chilling Thrillers

Three Chilling Thrillers to Read this Winter

This winter, enjoy a mince pie with a slice of murder with these three chilling thrillers from Alex Pine, Nell Pattison and Sam Carrington. The Killer in the Snow by Alex Pine Out now in ebook, paperback and audiobook The first fall of snow can be fatal…… Read More

Meet the Avon x Mushens Shortlist: Ingrid Banerjee

Ingrid Banerjee’s novel has been shortlisted for the Avon x Mushens Entertainment Prize. Find out more about Ingrid below. Meet Ingrid: Ingrid is a writer and arts producer from Stoke-on-Trent. Her writing focuses on filling the gaps and frustrations she has long felt exist in crime fiction whilst… Read More
Angelina Melwani

Meet the Avon x Mushens Shortlist: Angelina Melwani

Angelina Melwani’s novel has been shortlisted for the Avon x Mushens Entertainment Prize. Find out more about Angelina below. Meet Angelina: I marketed posh skin care, got married, had a baby, launched my own business teaching Sing and Sign, started writing a book and was on Richard and… Read More
Farrah Yusuf

Meet the Avon x Mushens Shortlist: Farrah Yusuf

Farrah Yusuf’s novel has been shortlisted for the Avon x Mushens Entertainment Prize. Find out more about Farrah below. Meet Farrah: Born in Pakistan and raised in London. Her short stories have been short or long listed in the BBC National Short Story, Asian Writer, Leicester Writes and… Read More
Mimi Deb

Meet the Avon x Mushens Shortlistee: Mimi Deb

Mimi Deb’s novel has been shortlisted for the Avon x Mushens Entertainment Prize. Find out more about Mimi below. Meet Mimi: An English Literature graduate, previously a journalist and TV person, currently a writer, rookie runner, and prodigal pianist. Can you tell us what your novel is about?… Read More
Dee Spencer

Meet the Avon x Mushens Shortlist: Dee Spencer

Dee Spencer’s novel has been shortlisted for the Avon x Mushens Entertainment Prize. Learn more about Dee below. Meet Dee: I decided to learn the craft of novel writing following the death of my Jamaican dad. He was an aspiring writer and always encouraged me.  Can you give… Read More

Charlie Gallagher and Police Procedural TV Shows

I can see why I was asked for my opinion on police themed TV shows. Firstly, I write police thrillers so it’s my business to know what is good and appealing to audiences. Secondly, I worked as a police officer for thirteen years, living the life… Read More
Going to the flicks in 1941

Going to the Flicks in 1941

Pam Lecky, author of Her Secret War, discusses film in 1941. Like most young people in the forties, my heroine, Sarah Gillespie, in Her Secret War, is obsessed with cinema and spends all of her hard-earned, but meagre wages, on film tickets and cinema… Read More