Daughters of Warsaw – First Look!

Finally, almost a week after she’d been to the meeting at the Social Worker’s Club, Lina took her to one side.‘Meet me outside in ten minutes,’ she said quietly. ‘At the back of the building, behind the fire door. We have to talk.’They were never sure if and when the… Read More
Christmas at the Chateau by Annabel French

Christmas at the Chateau – A Note From Annabel French

I know some people think October is too early to talk about Christmas, but it’s absolutely not for me! I love that festive feeling and can’t wait to start reading Christmas romances. They’re my absolute favourite reads, and I crave them as soon as the weather turns cold. It’s all… Read More

The Secrets of Mill House – Prologue

PrologueStretmore, Halloween 1975 The pavements were still slick from the afternoon’s rainfall. Stretmore looked even bleaker and greyer than usual, the grim high-rise flats on the outskirts of the estate looming threateningly against their charcoal backdrop. It would soon be dusk, and the plastic-encased bulb over the doorway… Read More

A Chapter on Murder – Sneak Peek!

CHAPTER ONE The first Saturday in December was famous for two things in Riddleton, South Carolina: the Christmas parade and the kickoff of the Home and Business Christmas Decoration contest. And contest didn’t come close to describing it. In this tiny town, the competition was more Thor versus the Incredible… Read More

The Girl in the Photo – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Erica It’s not something I’m doing lightly. I’ve thought of nothing else for months. I’ve tried everything . . . No, that’s not right. Too much focus on ‘I’. We love each other, but it’s not enough anymore, is it. We’ve done everything in our power to keep… Read More

International Wine Day!

Hey there, wine lovers and bookworms alike! International Wine Day is upon us, and to celebrate, we’ve partnered up with our friends Words With Wine to highlight some of the best wines to drink whilst reading our newest Avon books!  Whether you’re in the mood for heart-pounding suspense or a… Read More

Your countdown to save the next victim has begun!

The Silence by Katerina Diamond is publishing 8th June 2023 Gail wakes in the middle of the night to everyone’s worst nightmare. She can’t move, can’t speak and a stranger is standing over her. Then everything goes black. Gail knows she didn’t dream it. Read More

Let Annabel French invite you to a Summer at the Chateau…

Hello bookworms, Are you ready for a holiday too? Okay, so maybe we can’t all head off anywhere just yet, but if you’re in need of some glorious sunshine, delicious food and a change of scene, I hope you’ll think about reading Summer at the Chateau! Our lovely heroine Lizzie… Read More
An Invitation to Seashell Bay by Bella Osborne

An Invitation to Seashell Bay by Bella Osborne – Chapter 1

Sneak Peek! Chapter 1: An Invitation to Seashell Bay by Bella Osborne Chapter One ‘Mind the gap,’ said the voice over the underground tannoy as more people squeezed into the already full carriage and Nancy felt like sausage meat being squeezed into a skin. Today was a blooming big… Read More
The Moonlight Gardening Club by Rosie Hannigan

A Note from Rosie Hannigan

Dia dhuit a chara (Irish for hello friends!) Spring has sprung! There’s definitely a hint of summer in the air. I can almost feel the warm breezes of a summer’s day … I don’t know about you, but I’m longing for a holiday, to escape somewhere by the… Read More

Love on the Menu Chapter 1

Free Extract! A totally gorgeous and escapist rom com with a twist. Mimi Deb’s debut novel is available to pre-order now in paperback, ebook and audio. Chapter 1 THE PARTY gia ‘ What is she wearing?’ ‘Weirdo. . . Velvet is… Read More
The Younger Woman by Mandy Byatt

A Note on Love

Mandy Byatt’s second novel, The Younger Woman is out now! February is all about love… hearts, chocolates, soppy cards, flowers, perhaps a meal out or a weekend away if we’re lucky. But it can also be a time of musing over failed love affairs, of wishing that the person we… Read More

What Happened Next

SPOILER ALERT! Read The Manhattan Girls before enjoying the below epilogue. A sweeping tale of love, loss and the everlasting bonds of friendship set in the 1920’s, Gill Paul’s latest novel is available now in paperback, ebook and audio. Read More

Enjoy an authentic Greek recipe from Emma Cowell

Do you want to tuck into a delicious orange cake, or dip some fried courgette into the tastiest tzatziki you’ve ever tried? Follow these recipes from Emma Cowell, the author of One Last Letter from Greece, for an authentic taste of Greece. Starter: Fried courgettes and… Read More