Where I Write with J.P. Carter

The third book in the DCI Anna Tate crime series, Little Boy Lost by J.P. Carter is released today! We caught up with the author to find out how and where he writes his brilliant crime novels.

Where do you write most often and why?

I do most of my writing in coffee shops. I prefer to have things going on around me while I work. But the editing takes place in my office.

Little Boy Lost

Do you have a writing routine? If so, what does it entail? If not, how do you prefer to write?

I always write my chapters into a notebook first. Then I type them into the laptop. As I go along I upload what I’ve written to my Kindle which gives me a good idea of how it’s going.

J.P. Carter Office Tour


What is an essential to you while you write? A steaming cup of coffee, background noise or complete silence?

I prefer background noise, but not music because I find that distracting. I do like regular cups of coffee or tea.

J.P. Carter Office

Little Boy Lost is the third book in the DCI Anna Tate series. In Safe Hands and At Your Door are available in ebook, paperback and audiobook now.

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