International Wine Day!

Hey there, wine lovers and bookworms alike! International Wine Day is upon us, and to celebrate, we’ve partnered up with our friends Words With Wine to highlight some of the best wines to drink whilst reading our newest Avon books! 

Whether you’re in the mood for heart-pounding suspense or a feel-good romance, there’s a book and a bottle for you. From bold reds to refreshing roses, we’ve got just what you need to unwind and escape reality. So sit back, crack open your favorite bottle, and get lost in a page-turner that’s sure to satisfy. Cheers to that! 🍷📚✨

Words With Wine

Words with Wine is a unique offer, where books and wine are specifically paired to be enjoyed together. The elements of the book and the elements of the wine are matched up – it’s a match made in booklovers heaven!

Words with Wine isn’t just a book or just a bottle of wine, nestled inside your perfect night in are tasting notes, meal pairing suggestions, book information and even perfect serve glass suggestions.The boxes are hand crafted with love, to create your favourite new monthly delivery as well as invite you to be part of a community to chat book reviews, wine pairings and upcoming novels all in a relaxed, fun setting.

Subscriptions can be purchased on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for 3, 6 or 12 months or a rolling contract. You can also purchase a one off box as a gift or trial. 

The Institution by Helen Fields 

The Institution is an intensely captivating and haunting thriller that will grab you from the first page. The rollercoaster of emotions pairs perfectly with an intense, full bodied red wine with plenty of layers of flavours to explore. ‘Don’t Tell Gary’ from McPherson Winery in Australia is a deep full bodied Shiraz packed with flavours of black cherry, blueberry, chocolate, spice and vanilla. The layers of juicy black fruit and spicy vanilla oak, tar, liquorice and firm tannins are the perfect balance of comforting and richness that you need to get you through this book.

The Serial Killer’s Sister by Alice Hunter

The Serial Killer’s Sister is one of those books where you trust no one and be suspicious of everyone. Its fast paced, full of twists and the right amount of suspense. Carminucci Viabore Rosso Piceno a Sangiovese and Montepulciano blend from the Marche region in Italy would be a great match for this book. It’s smooth and approachable with flavours of ripe cherry, cloves, cardamon and a touch of vanilla. Delicate but with a lasting impression.

An Italian Island Summer by Sue Moorcroft

An Italian Island Summer is a gorgeous slow burning romance set in the beautiful island of Sicily. A dreamy escape like this deserves a wine that can transport you to the island to live life through the characters. ‘Scalunera’ Etna Rosato by Torre Mora is a Sicilian rose from the slopes of Etna. It is crisp, refreshing rose with flavours of red fruits, ripe peaches and tropical fruit, as well as spicy notes. It’s balanced, refreshing and perfect for a Sicilian get away (even if it’s just in your head!).

The Doctor by Annie Payne

The Doctor is a gripping psychological thriller with a medical twist. This book is not as intense as other thrillers and can stand up to a lighter red that is not so heavy. Beronia Crianza is Tempranillo blend from Rioja, Spain. It’s bursting with flavours of vibrant red berry with touches of rosemary, cinnamon and thyme finished with a soft note of vanilla. Easy drinking to go with a fast paced, enjoyable read.

The Murderous Type by Sue Minix

Described as a cosy mystery, The Murderous Type is the perfect weekend curled up on the sofa on front of the fire read. It’s an easy read, with likeable characters and thoroughly entertaining. A lighter style red is all you need to enjoy this book. ‘Domaine de Valmoissine’ Pinot Noir by Louis Latour has the perfect balance of raspberries, cherries and blackberries with a slight savoury finish. Light but still full of flavour.

The House In The Olive Grove by Emma Cowell

The House In The Olive Grove is an idyllic insight into friendship, romance and female solidarity with a culinary twist. It’s escapism at it’s best, the perfect summer read. All this story needs is a light, crisp, refreshing Greek white wine to fully transport you there. Clio The White Muse by Sterea Ellada is the perfect partner. Fresh and vibrant with zesty lemon and crisp green apple flavours, you’ll think you are in Greece.

Summer at the Chateau by Annabel French

Summer at the Chateau is a feel good romantic comedy that will have you itching to head to a vineyard in Provence. There was no doubt in my mind what wine would pair beautifully with this. My favourite rose Minuty Prestige. Crisp yellow grapefruit, whitecurrant, blood orange and fresh berries. It’s just as crisp and clean with a lovely salty and zingy aftertaste. A define wow wine, to picture yourself in Provence at the Chateau.

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