Christmas at the Chateau – A Note From Annabel French

I know some people think October is too early to talk about Christmas, but it’s absolutely not for me! I love that festive feeling and can’t wait to start reading Christmas romances. They’re my absolute favourite reads, and I crave them as soon as the weather turns cold. It’s all the snuggly winter vibes. Just perfect!

For me, Christmas is all about family whether that’s blood relations or found family, community and a sense of belonging is everything and I especially love Christmas romances with this at their heart.

So with that in mind, let me tell you a little bit about my festive offering this year, Christmas at the Chateau. Poor Naomi Winters has turned into a scrooge since her ex-husband announced he wanted a divorce the year before. As Christmas fast approaches, Naomi realises her yuletide is looking decidedly lonely, but help is on hand from her best friend Mia who convinces her to spend Christmas at her new hotel in the Swiss Alps.

Naomi agrees but has second thoughts the day she arrives and runs into Mia’s brother Gabriel (think Gabriel from Emily in Paris!). A man she has a bit of a history with. Obviously, the big question is, will Gabriel thaw Naomi’s icy heart, or is she on a downward slope to disappointment once again? Filled with snowy mountains, delicious fondue and a dog called Hans, I hope Christmas at the Chateau delivers everything you want from a Christmas romance.

It’s definitely a tad too early to say Merry Christmas, even for me, so instead I’ll say happy festive reading and if you do pick up a copy of Christmas at the Chateau, I’d love to know what you thought!

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