Our Top 10 Audiobooks for When You’re on the Run

As much as we love reading, we know there’s not always time to curl up with a book. So, we’ve put together a list of our Top 10 recommended audiobooks to keep you going whilst commuting, running or in the car! Have a little look below…


Kiss of Death by Paul Finch

If you’re looking for an audiobook to wake you up on your way to work or during your morning run, Paul Finch’s Kiss of Death is at the top of our list. An unputdownable crime thriller, this book sees Heck tasked with hunting down one of the UK’s most wanted men. Perfect for fans of Stuart MacBride and MJ Arlidge, Kiss of Death will have you hooked from the first minute.


The Fear by C.L. Taylor

There’s a reason C.L. Taylor is a million copy Sunday Times bestseller, and this will become clear after listening to the first few minutes of The Fear. A psychological thriller like no other, this book is told from the perspective of Lou, the teenager who fled to France with her teacher, Mike. Now 32, Lou is determined to move on from her past. But after discovering Mike has set his sights on another young girl, Lou is forced to bring him to justice. A fast-paced, gripping read, this audiobook will have you on the edge of your seat.


One Summer in Italy by Sue Moorcroft

It’s holiday season! And we have the perfect summery audiobook to listen to whilst you’re on the plane. Sue Moorcroft’s One Summer in Italy is set in Italy’s Umbrian mountains and tells the story of Sofia Bianchi, a young woman who has spent the past few years of her life caring for her late father, Aldo. Ready to start afresh, Sofia tries to fulfill the promises she made to Aldo and have her own adventures along the way. Charming, funny and utterly uplifting, this audiobook will bring a smile to your face no matter where you are.


Toxic by Jacqui Rose

If you love gangland crime, and you love audiobooks you can’t stop listening to – Jacqui Rose’s Toxic belongs on your TBR – or should we say ‘To Be Played’ – pile. Suspenseful, fast-paced and completely nail-biting, Toxic focuses on the characters of Bree and Alfie. Bree is desperate to escape her husband, take the children and run. But he’s always watching. And she always gets caught. But that might be about to change, because Alfie, Bree’s first love, has returned to Essex. Only Alfie isn’t about to let a pretty-face like Bree distract him from making the biggest deal of his life. Can these two unlikely heroes save each other from the deadly gangs of Essex?


Coming Home to Ottercombe Bay by Bella Osborne

Take a trip to the beautiful coast of Devon with this heart-warming romcom from Bella Osborne. After inheriting an old building in a state of disrepair (under the condition she remains in Ottercombe Bay for a whole year) Daisy Wickens is faced with some exciting possibilities. With the help of a cast of quirky locals, a few gin cocktails and a black pug with plenty of attitude, Daisy might just want to stay in Ottercombe Bay after all. Hilarious and romantic, this audiobook will have you laughing out loud – and pouring a glass of gin!


Stalker by Lisa Stone

If chilling crime is your preference, Lisa Stone’s Stalker is the perfect audiobook for you. Derek Flint is a loner. He lives with his mother and spends his evenings watching his clients on the CCTV cameras he has installed inside their homes. When a series of crimes hits Derek’s neighbourhood, DC Beth Mayes begins to suspect he’s involved. How does he know so much about the victims’ lives? Why won’t he let anyone into his office? And what is his mother hiding in that strange, lonely house? So creepy it’ll have you checking your own home for hidden cameras, Stalker deserves its place in our Top 10.


The Memories of Us by Vanessa Carnevale

If you lost your memory, would you live the same life twice? This is the conundrum Gracie Ashcroft is faced with after she wakes from a crash with severe amnesia. Determined not to live her life through other people’s memories, Gracie returns to the flower farm she loved as a child. But is her memory the only thing she’ll rediscover? Or will she find love as well? Romantic, heart-breaking and perfect for fans of Ruth Hogan and Lucy Dillon, this audiobook may cause you to shed a tear or two.


A Summer Scandal by Kat French

Your audiobook collection has never been so scandalous…Kat French’s sizzling summer read is perfect for commuters who are tired of the day-to-day monotony. A Summer Scandal is a quick-witted romance that’ll have you wishing you had just one more stop! When Violet moves to Swallow Beach, she inherits a small Victorian pier with an empty arcade perched on the end of it, and falls in love immediately. Inspired to convert the arcade into an adult-themed arcade full of artisan shops after meeting hunky Calvin, Violet must convince the rest of the town of its genius. A Summer Scandal is a sexy, sassy read that will brighten any commuter’s morning.


An Orphan’s War by Molly Green

Our Top 10 wouldn’t be complete without some historical fiction! Molly Green’s An Orphan’s War is a gripping story of love, friendship and hope in the darkest of places. Set in Liverpool in the 1940’s, this audiobook tells the story of the women and children at Dr Barnardo’s orphanage amidst the war. If you love Nadine Dorries or Katie Flynn, you will love this heart-wrenching story from the exciting new voice in saga fiction, Molly Green.


A Grand Old Time by Judy Leigh

Proving once and for all that it’s never too late to have an adventure, Evie Gallagher is a 75-year-old widow who has decided she is absolutely not dead yet! Leaving behind her care home to set off on a great adventure across Europe, Evie is an inspiration to women everywhere. This hilarious and joyful audiobook is perfect for those who loved Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and A Man Called Ove.


And that’s it! Our Top 10 Audiobooks that will bring a smile to your face whilst you’re on the way to work or a shiver down your spine as you cook dinner. Keep checking our blog for more recommended reads, author pieces and weekly deals.

Happy listening!

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