Submit to us via #PitMad

We’re taking part in #PitMad on Twitter today!

#PitMad is a Twitter-focused pitch day for writers, particularly diverse voices, to pitch their novels and ideas to a large group of editors actively looking for new writing.

How to take part

To take part, simply write a short pitch for your novel (280-character tweet) and use one of the hashtags below to summarise what genre it is, pair it with the #PitMad hashtag to get your idea in front of hundreds of editors.

Writers can pitch as many ideas as they like, and our editors will read them all.

If an editor likes your pitch that means they want to read what you have.

To submit to this editor, click on their Twitter handle and follow the instructions in their pinned tweet, this will have the information on submission guidelines.

Hashtags to include:

#HF = Historical Fiction

#HR = Historical Romance

#R = Romance

#T = Thriller

M= Mystery

RS= Romance Suspense

S= Suspense

#WF = Women’s Fiction

Our editors:

Be sure to follow them and to keep an eye out for their Twitter handle.

If one of our editors likes your pitch, submit your complete manuscript, a cover letter and a brief synopsis to FAO {Editor’s Name} #PitMad

What are we looking for?

We are a commercial publisher specialising in crime, romance and women’s fiction. We do not publish science-fiction, fantasy, erotica or young adult fiction.

Good luck!


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