The Second Chance: Unabridged edition

By Charlotte Butterfield, Reader to be announced

***From the author of a 2023 Times Book of the Year comes a hilarious, emotional and thought-provoking book club read for fans of David Nicholls, Sophie Cousens and Beth O’Leary.***


‘Wonderfully original’ KATIE FFORDE

‘Gloriously life-affirming’ HEIDI SWAIN

‘Moving and snort-laugh funny’ BECKY HUNTER

‘The funniest writer I’ve come across’ DEBBIE JOHNSON

‘A heartwarming triumph’ HOLLY MILLER

Hilarious and clever’ JESSICA RYN


Nell has always known her expiry date.

After a psychic predicted her death date twenty years ago, she has lived life accepting she would never see forty – embracing adventure and travelling the world, choosing fun over commitment and laying down roots.

So, when the fateful day comes, Nell feels ready. She posts five excruciatingly honest confessions to her sister, parents and past loves, knowing she won’t be around to face the consequences. Then, with her heart laid bare, all that’s left to do is check into a glamorous hotel and wait for the inevitable…

But when Nell unexpectedly wakes up the next morning broke, single and very much alive, she must figure out exactly how to seize this second chance at life. And then it also hits her:

What on earth happens now that everyone knows how she really feels?

Hilarious, poignant and thought-provoking, The Second Chance is the perfect book club read for fans of David Nicholls, Holly Smale and Beth O’Leary, asking what it is that makes for a life well lived.


‘A pocket of joy’ EMMA COOPER

‘Zippy and confident’ NIAMH HARGAN

‘Fun and witty’ JULIE MA

‘Utterly genius’ HELGA JENSEN

Warm, funny and absorbing’ EMILY CRITCHLEY

‘The perfect page turner’ NORIE CLARKE

Format: Digital Audiobook
Release Date: 09 May 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-864296-9
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Former magazine editor Charlotte Butterfield was born in Bristol in 1977. She studied English at Royal Holloway University and an MPhil in Gender and Women’s Studies at Birmingham University before becoming a journalist and copywriter. She moved to Dubai in 2005 and lives with her husband and three children. The Second Chance is her first novel to published by Avon, an imprint of HarperCollins.

'A wonderfully original concept that makes a well written and entertaining novel.' KATIE FFORDE -

”'A thought-provoking, funny, delight of a book, I couldn't put it down!” - SOPHIE COUSENS

”'Gloriously life-affirming! I loved discovering what Nell did next!” - HEIDI SWAIN

'Moving, page-turning and snort-laugh funny. I fell for Nell completely. So assured and well-observed.' BECKY HUNTER -

”'Charlotte Butterfield has done it again! I think she's the funniest writer I've ever come across. When I'm not laughing out loud, I'm crying. A triumph.” - DEBBIE JOHNSON

”'Hilarious, smart and moving - had me hooked from its first brilliant page to its last. Filled with sparkling characters and thought-provoking moments, it's an uplifting, heartwarming triumph.” - HOLLY MILLER

”'Hilarious, life-affirming and such a clever concept - I can't stop talking about it! Everyone should 'be more Nell' and this story will stay with me.” - JESSICA RYN

'A hilarious read-in-a-day pocket of joy!' EMMA COOPER -

”'I couldn’t put it down! Zippy, confident, and genuinely heartwarming, this is a delightful, thought-provoking read.” - NIAMH HARGAN

”'Well written, witty, and a plot that is utterly genius! What a fun place Nell’s world is! Absolutely riveting.” - HELGA JENSEN

‘Fun and funny, wry and witty, I loved this story of Nell who really is the heroine of her own life, Nora Ephron-style. JULIE MA -

'The Second Chance was an absolute joy. Warm, funny and absorbing, I loved every page.' EMILY CRITCHLEY -

'The perfect page turner' NORIE CLARKE -