The Disciple

By Steven Dunne

DI Brook thought the nightmare was over- but the Reaper has left behind a horrifying legacy…

A nail-shredding thriller for fans of Stuart MacBride and Thomas Harris.

When an accidental drowning is found to be murder, Brook’s past relationship with the victim makes him the prime suspect. A fact made worse when he receives a chilling message urging him to continue the work of the serial killer The Reaper, the deranged vigilante who had previously terrorised the UK.

When a copycat murder on a Derby estate surfaces shortly afterwards, Brook is left with no alternative but to reopen the case- and to find a serial killer he knows is already dead.

But as Brook delves deeper, he unearths the secrets behind a series of savage murders stretching back to 1975. Terrifyingly, it seems that The Reaper’s influence has inspired a new band of willing disciples…

Format: Digital download
Release Date: 19 Aug 2010
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-741102-3
Steven Dunne has written for fun since attending university where he first became interested in writing and performing. He wrote and performed sketches as well as dipping his toe into the terrifying world of stand up comedy. He is now a full-time English teacher in Derby. His debut novel The Reaper was a bestseller with rights sold across Europe.

‘Well written and superbly plotted’Closer -

'Great characterisation and natural sounding dialogue, the pace seems to bound along nicely, and there's a good thread of humour tinged with world-weary cynicism.'Authonomy, reader review -

'I loved the gritty realism and the characters. The pacing is spot on too.'Authonomy, reader review -

'Do not normally read crime novels, but the opening caught my eye. Anxious to read more…'Authonomy, reader review -