The Days of Summer

By Jill Barnett

Emotions run high when the temperature rises…

Love, passion, power, jealousy and tragedy all combine in this dynastic tale of two Californian families thrown together by Fate.

1957, Los Angeles. Two speeding cars.
And a tragic accident, destined to change the future of two families forever.

The Banning family lead a life of affluence, luxury – and sorrow. Victor Banning, ruthless oil magnate and head of this privileged dynasty, is a man of absolute power and obsessions. From an early age his grandsons, Jud and Cale, are groomed to take over his vast empire.

Kathryn Peyton, widow of rising music star Jimmy, has struggled to keep her daughter Laurel safe and secure in the years since his sudden death. But one unexpected danger she is unable to guard against is love.

Decades later, when Fate intervenes, and Jud and Cale meet the beautiful and spirited Laurel, these two families cross paths once again – with terrible consequences…

Spanning thirty years and three generations, The Days of Summer explores our deepest ties to family, and the sacrifices we make in the pursuit of love.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Release Date: 09 Sep 2011
Pages: 512
ISBN: 978-1-84756-002-5
Jill Barnett was born and raised in California and now lives on a small island near Seattle. She is an international bestseller and there are more than seven million copies of her work in print in 17 languages. The Days of Summer is her UK debut.

Praise for The Days of Summer: -

‘Drama, passion and romance collide in this perfect read for long, lazy summer days.’Tasmina Perry, author of DADDY’S GIRLS. -