Stalker: Unabridged edition

By Lisa Stone, Read by Rachel Atkins

Someone is always watching…

Derek Flint is a loner. He lives with his mother and spends his
evenings watching his clients on the CCTV cameras he has installed inside their homes. He likes their companionship – even if it’s through a screen.

When a series of crimes hits Derek’s neighbourhood, DC Beth Mayes begins to suspect he’s involved. How does he know so much about the victims’ lives? Why won’t he let anyone into his office? And what is his mother hiding in that strange, lonely house?

As the crimes become more violent, Beth must race against the clock to find out who is behind the attacks. Will she uncover the truth in time? And is Derek more dangerous than even she has guessed?

A spellbinding crime novel from the worldwide bestseller
Cathy Glass, writing as Lisa Stone.

‘Once you start you won’t be able to stop!’
Katerina Diamond, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Teacher

Author: Lisa Stone
Format: Digital Audiobook
Release Date: 14 Jun 2018
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-823674-8
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
This is Lisa Stone’s second crime novel. She previously took the non-fiction world by storm with her bestselling books on fostering, written under the pseudonym Cathy Glass.

Praise for Lisa Stone -

”'This is a cracking good read that had me hooked from the beginning until the end. Full of murders, spiritualistic intrigue and just a hint of romance. It is quick paced, extremely thought provoking and full of twists and turns. I didn't want to put this book down.” - Amazon reviewer

”'Fantastic book, couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough!” - Amazon reviewer

”'A well-written and extremely addictive novel that will stick in your head long after putting it down.” - Amazon reviewer

”'I flew through The Darkness Within; it maintained a dark and gritty atmosphere whilst covering some rather disturbing subject matters. But despite there being some very emotive and hard to read scenes described, I raced through the pages desperate to know how it would end and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.” - Goodreads reviewer

”'A unique plot and storyline - I enjoyed the book immensely. It really makes you think.” - Goodreads reviewer

”'What a powerful novel. I have read all of most of Cathy Glass’s books and here she is writing under a new name Lisa Stone. I love the fact she has branched into crime thriller and I think she has done it really well.” - Goodreads reviewer

”'I really enjoyed this. Interesting and captivating story line, great characters and easy to read - not the subject matter which is difficult, dark and pretty violent, but the style of writing. A gripping thriller.” - Goodreads reviewer

”'The Darkness Within is certainly a dark and gripping read and one that will win over new fans as well as old.” - Goodreads reviewer