Spyder Web

By Tom Grace

Ex-Navy Seal Nolan Kilkenny is recruited by the US government on a deadly mission to destroy a computer virus that could demolish America…

Code name: Spyder. It has already been put in place, sucking a U.S. corporation of its most important information. National security insiders know how dangerous Spyder can be – and that someone has to unravel its secrets…

The government choose Nolan Kilkenny, an ex-Navy SEAL turned computer expert, who now leaves his laboratory behind for the killing fields of his past. Only this time, his prey is waiting for him…

In a duel of nerves, courage and skill, Nolan goes up against deadly covert agents and a network of intrigue that stretches from the Caribbean to China. Here Kilkenny’s enemies have carefully targeted him to die – for a weapon that isn’t a bomb, isn’t a missile, but is the greatest threat America has ever known…

Buckle up for an action-packed adventure, perfect for fans of Jack Higgins and Tom Clancy.

Author: Tom Grace
Format: ebook
Release Date: 17 Sep 2009
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-734293-8
Tom Grace was born, raised, and still lives in Michigan. He studied architecture at the University of Michigan, where he developed his strict eye for detail. His superior knowledge of technology has found its way into his writing and has earned him tremendous acclaim as a result.Tom Grace lives with his wife, five children and a yellow Labrador. His interests are architecture and current affairs; he also enjoys scuba diving, martial arts and running marathons.

Praise for Spyder Web: -

‘Intelligent, enigmatic and cleverly constructed’ -

Closer -

Praise for Tom Grace: -

'An absorbing, carefully plotted adventure beautifully executed by Tom Grace - sure to hit the bestseller lists.' Clive Cussler -

'A truly believable hero…Kilkenny is a little Jack Ryan, a little Dirk Pitt.' San Francisco Examiner -

”'Grace’s prose recalls Ian Fleming at his most lean.” - Publishers Weekly

‘If you like the pace of TV hit 24 and the skulduggery of Spooks, you’ll love this.’Peterborough Evening Telegraph -