By Penny Jordan

The first in a multi-generational trilogy by mega-seller Penny Jordan is set in the decadent world of the silk industry.

Dangerous liaisons…
Skeletons in closets…
A scandalous web of lies and deceit…
The Pickfords are just your average family.

1920s Cheshire. A time of great glamour and decadence, high living and loose morality. A time where anything goes – and does.

Amber Vrontsky is the heiress to the wealthy Pickford dynasty, presided over by the formidable Blanche.

Obsessed with social climbing, Blanche wants nothing more for her granddaughter than a titled husband – a prize which she herself failed to secure, despite her immense wealth.

But free spirited Amber is intent on forging her own artistic career with the silk she loves so much. Unable to disobey Blanche, however, she moves to society London to become a debutante – and enters a world of illicit affairs, drug-taking, gambling, lavender marriages…

From the lavish decadence of society London to the opium dens of the Far East, the chic boutiques of Paris to the Nazi-controlled streets of Berlin, Silk spans the depravity and the glamour of this tumultuous time.

Spoil yourself with this dazzling, decadent treat by international multi-million-copy selling Penny Jordan – the ultimate read for fans of Danielle Steel and Penny Vincenzi.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 16 Jun 2008
Pages: 672
ISBN: 978-1-84756-073-5
Penny Jordan was a best-selling and prolific English writer of over 200 books and sold over 80 million copies worldwide. She also wrote under the name Annie Groves.

‘The author has created a gripping, sexy storyline that will strike a chord with all free-willed girls who are chasing their dreams.’Closer -