Orphans of War

By Leah Fleming

The ones you leave behind are the ones that stay with you forever…

When Madeleine Belfield loses her family and her home in the Blitz, she is sent to love with relatives in the relative safety of the Yorkshire Dales.

On board the steam train Maddy befriends Gloria Conley and her brother Sid, abandoned by their desperate mother. Although Maddy and Gloria are chalk and cheese, they soon vow to be ‘forever friends’.

Maddy slowly adjusts to Brooklyn Hall and her new family, especially Aunt Plum. Eager to help with the war effort, Plum has opened up a home for ‘difficult’ evacuees and Maddy and Gloria quickly become bound together in friendship and mischief with a motley crew, including headstrong Greg and flighty Enid.

The friendship endures into adulthood, until a tragic experience tears them apart. Desperate to escape her memories, Maddy flees to London.

Years later, chance reunites her with Gloria and Greg. But a visit back to Yorkshire reveals the truth about the past – a revelation with unimaginable consequences.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 24 Oct 2011
Pages: 624
ISBN: 978-1-84756-355-2
Leah Fleming was born in Lancashire of Scottish parents, and is married with four grown-up children and five grandchildren. She usually writes full-time from a haunted farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales but is currently taking a gap year for grown-ups and living on the slopes of an olive grove in Crete.

Praise for Leah Fleming: -

‘A beautiful, almost poetically-written tale of love and tragedy in the Yorkshire Dales mainly set during the Second World War. The characters are real flesh and blood and the reader shares their ups and downs with genuine empathy.’Maureen Lee, bestselling author of Mother of Pearl. -

‘An epic tale of hardship and tragedy straddling the Second World War.’The Bookseller -

‘A touching tale.’Closer -

‘An absolute joy to read , full of warmth, and colour and hope.’Warwickshire Telegraph -

‘A good read to curl up with.’Lincolnshire Echo -