By Esha Patel

Formula One meets The Hating Game in this enemies-to-lovers romance between a legacy driver and F1’s first woman driver

Diana Zahrani is Formula One’s first female racing driver this century. All the other drivers are told to race carefully around her, and leave her to her real job: being a pretty face and good advertising for a hypermasculine sport. But Diana’s not worked this hard her whole life just to be a mascot.

World Championship favourite Miguel de la Fuente is not taking any rookie seriously, let alone a woman. With his first championship win looming, all he has to do is stay focused – and make sure Diana stays out of his way.

But motorsports is a small world, and as Diana and Miguel race their way through the season, they’re forced to face each other again and again. When sparks fly, Miguel and Diana must decide for the sake of their teams where their priorities lie: on track, with the championship, or offtrack, with each other…

Esha Patel previously published a book with these characters under this title – this is a completely rewritten title

Author: Esha Patel
Format: ebook
Release Date: 09 May 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-869394-7
Esha Patel is a contemporary romance writer who loves causing drama, but would never do that to real people, so she created characters to make their lives torture instead. Her previously self-published novels include Florida’s Finest, High Time in Texas, Trauma Queen, and Young and Dumb–and now Offtrack. When she isn’t writing, you can usually find her studying, which is code for falling down an internet rabbit hole. She is an avid fan of both the Ferrari F1 team and Real Madrid CF. She enjoys baking and yelling at TV characters to make better decisions. Her secret talent is cursing her way through Formula 1 races