No Place For A Lady: Unabridged edition

By Gill Paul, Read by Jilly Bond


1854. Britain is fighting a gruesome war.

There has been no news of Lucy Gray since she eloped with handsome and impetuous Captain Charlie Harvington and embarked with him to the Crimea.

Dorothea Gray will risk anything to heal the rift with her little sister and bring her home safe. She determines to join Florence Nightingale and the other courageous women travelling to the battlefield hospitals as nurses.

She will not rest until she finds her sister.

Lucy, however, is on a very different journey, a journey through tragedy, trauma and true love.

But neither sister is prepared for the challenges they will face, the passion they will each taste and the simple fact that they might never see one another again …

A spellbinding and exquisite tale of courage, adventure and love. Prepare to be swept of your feet!

Author: Gill Paul
Format: Digital Audiobook
Release Date: 02 Jul 2015
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-814823-2
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Gill Paul is an author of historical fiction, specialising in the twentieth century and often writing about the lives of real women. Her novels have topped bestseller lists in the US and Canada as well as the UK and have been translated into twenty languages. The Secret Wife has sold over half a million copies and is a book-club favourite worldwide.She is also the author of several non-fiction books on historical subjects. She lives in London and swims year-round in a wild pond.

”'A marvellous moving adventure, full of vivid colour and atmospheric detail. If you loved POLDARK you’ll love this!” - Lulu Taylor

”'Like VANITY FAIR crossed with POLDARK… Stunning epic” - Claudia Carroll

”'A terrific adventure story, full of romance and atmospheric detail - a great escapist read” - Liz Trenow

”'A galloping good story” - Natasha McEnroe, director of the FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE MUSEUM

”'Such a brilliant read, I couldn’t put it down” - Echoes in an Empty Room

”'A great read. I found myself turning the pages faster and faster” - Books With Wine and Chocolate

”'A wonderful story of love, romance, bravery and the special bond between sisters” - One More Page

”'Set against a backdrop of the Crimean War, packed with gripping drama, vivid historical detail and with a love story that will squeeze your heart tight - this is the perfect all-consuming summer read.” - Random Things Through My Letterbox

”'I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book . . . brilliantly written, with great descriptions about places and events” - Boon’s Bookshelf

”'It is full of emotions and so many details, but the details are described in wonderfully colourful, engaging way . . . brutally honest, and I can only imagine how much thorough research went into writing this book” - I Heart Chick Lit

”'The writing is brisk and fresh, and its enlightened multicultural perspective gives it contemporary resonance” - Reading the Past

”'I loved it and definitely recommend it for fans of historical fiction” - My Reading Corner

”'I would recommend this book to any lover of historical fiction, as it’s topnotch, and I look forward to delving into more!” - Montana Bookworm

”'Gill Paul is an author to keep an eye on because if she is producing this calibre of writing at an early stage in her career than I can only imagine what treats are in store for us readers in the future” - Shaz’s Book Blog