Leather Bound

By Shanna Germain

The closer Janine gets to Davian, the closer she gets to choosing between the safe life she thought she wanted, and a dazzling but dangerous future of adventure and pleasure.

Shanna Germain’s ‘Leather Bound’ is a sexy erotic novel perfect for fans of Sylvia Day’s ‘Crossfire’ series.

Janine Archer has everything she wants: a private house in the coolest part of town. A hot man to share her bed when she’s in the mood. And best of all, her dream job at Leather Bound, the bookstore that she co-owns with her best friend.

But when a beautiful man named Davian arrives at Leather Bound, looking for a book that doesn’t exist, Janine finds herself oddly compelled to track down the mysterious volume.

Perhaps it’s the book itself, with its compelling promise of sexuality. Or maybe it’s Davian himself, with his dark sensuality that pulls on Janine’s lust and heart with unexpected fierceness.

As Janine searches for the elusive book, other parts of her perfect life begin to change.

She discovers a sexual world she never knew existed, and follows its erotic lure into a secret underworld of submission and pleasure.

Format: Digital download
Release Date: 18 Apr 2013
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-750951-5
Shanna Germain claims the titles of leximaven, vorpal blonde, Schrodinger\'s Brat, Midas\'s touch and La Douleur Exquise. When not writing, she sniffs old books indiscriminately, fingers hardback spines with aplomb, and does dirty things between the stacks.