Detective Mark Heckenburg - Kiss of Death (Detective Mark Heckenburg, Book 7)

By Paul Finch

Could this be the end for Heck?

The Sunday Times bestseller returns with an unforgettable crime thriller. Fans of MJ Arlidge and Stuart MacBride won’t be able to put this down.

Don’t let them catch you…

A Deadly Hunt
DS ‘Heck’ Heckenburg has been tasked with retrieving one of the UK’s most wanted men. But the trail runs cold when Heck discovers a video tape showing the fugitive in a fight for his life. A fight he has no chance of winning.

A Dangerous Game
Heck realises that there’s another player in this game of cat and mouse, and this time, they’ve not just caught the prize: they’ve made sure no one else ever does.

A Man Who Plays With Fire
How far will Heck and his team go to protect some of the UK’s most brutal killers? And what price is he willing to pay?

Author: Paul Finch
Format: Digital download
Release Date: 09 Aug 2018
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-824399-9
Paul Finch is a former cop and journalist, now turned full-time writer. He cut his literary teeth penning episodes of the British crime drama, The Bill, and has written extensively in the field of film, audio drama and children\'s animation. He is also well known for his work in the thriller and horror fields.Paul lives in Lancashire, with his wife Catherine and his children, Eleanor and Harry. His website can be found at

Praise for KISS OF DEATH -

'Paul Finch on absolutely top form. Kiss of Death is a non-stop gut-twister with a surprisingly spooky edge. Another amazing book from a superlative writer. I defy anyone to put it down once they've started reading. On my top reads list of 2018.' HELEN FIELDS -

”'Plausible, action packed, KISS OF DEATH grabbed my attention right from the start, and never let up. I couldn’t stop reading!” - LEIGH RUSSELL

‘Another characteristically exciting and dramatic outing for DS ‘Heck’ Heckenburg . . . Kiss of Death grips from the outset and doesn’t let up. Paul Finch is a master of his game!’ ALISON LITTLEWOOD -

”'Perfectly paced, this is a gripping, dark thriller which will leave you in suspense until the very last page.” - NEIL SPRING

'Dark and twisted, Kiss of Death is Paul Finch at his very best!' NEIL WHITE -

”'A slick, page-turning crime thriller that is one hell of a roller-coaster white-knuckle ride. Finch doesn’t take his foot off the accelerator right up until the last page which leaves you breathless and stunned, desperate for more. A masterpiece!” - DANIELLE RAMSAY

”'Packed with action, suspense, and mystery. Paul Finch delivers a high speed thriller, with a twist of humour and horror. John Carpenter meets The Sweeney.” - JAY STRINGER

Praise for PAUL FINCH -

”'Edge-of-the-seat reading…Heck is formidable - a British Alex Cross.” - SUN

”'Wonderfully dark and peppered with grim humour. Finch is a born storyteller and writes with the authentic voice of the ex-copper he is.” - PETER JAMES

”'An ingenious and original plot. Compulsive reading.” - RACHEL ABBOTT

”'A deliciously twisted and fiendish set of murders and a great pairing of detectives.” - STAV SHEREZ

”'Avon’s big star…part edge-of-the-seat, part hide-behind-the-sofa! An excellent series.” - THE BOOKSELLER

”'An explosive thriller that will leave you completely hooked on Heck.” - WE LOVE THIS BOOK