It Started at Sunset Cottage

By Bella Osborne

‘A well written and very intriguing tale that I really enjoyed.’ – Katie Fforde

Kate Marshall is slowly getting her life back on track after losing her fiancé. As an author she has been able to hide herself away from the world and its expectations – but now one of her books has been optioned for a film and Hollywood suddenly comes knocking on her door.

When Kate is given the opportunity to stay at a beautiful country retreat in the Cotswolds and concentrate on the screenplay, it’s an offer she can’t refuse. Though the last thing Kate expects is for Timothy Calder, A-list actor and leading man in the movie adaptation of her book, to turn up on her doorstep, hoping to lie low after his latest tabloid scandal.

After a rocky start, they find they have a few things in common: a liking for Lady Grey tea, walnut whips and bad ‘knock knock’ jokes. Actually, the bad jokes are just Tim.

As the sun begins to set on Sunset Cottage, an unlikely friendship begins to blossom…

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 27 Aug 2015
Pages: 374
ISBN: 978-0-00-815863-7
I\'ve been jotting down my stories as far back as I can remember. Somehow life took over, I got a sensible job in project management and the writing has remained a passion. Writing your own story really is the best fun ever! But it’s a close run thing along with talking, eating chocolate, drinking fizz and planning holidays!I live in The Midlands with my lovely husband and our wonderful daughter, who thankfully, both accept me as I am (with my mad morning hair and a penchant for skipping).You can follow me on Twitter @osborne_bella.

”'A warm and engaging story with relatable characters who will worm their way into your heart. A great read!” - - Talli Roland

”'Loved it! Believable characters, a sweetly told, lovely story… a great read” - - Jane Lovering

”'Romance, comedy, and mystery abound in this delightful British novel.” - - I Read That Book!

”'A great read, with some really special moments… so beautiful and romantic.” - - Annie’s Book Corner

”'A well-written and charming tale.” - - Paris Baker’s Book Nook

”'I wasn't expecting a debut novel to be this good.” - - The Bookish & The Romantic

'Makes me feel like I should be reading it while wearing a tea dress, drinking posh coffee from a china cup and eating Victoria sandwich cake with a dainty little fork. It's charming, adorable, amusing and all those sorts of words.' - Escape Into Words -

'This book is perfect chick lit.' - Gidget Girls Reading -