Fast And Loose

By Justine Elyot

Ella needs to face her fears, and call on the trust and courage she has learnt in her sex life with Tom, to crack this case.

After their ill-advised one night stand in her first week working at the newspaper, Tom Crowley is just about the last person Ella Cox would run to for help.

But when her favourite sex blogger, Mia Culpa, disappears into cyberspace before a much-heralded update, Tom and Ella are intrigued and forge an alliance. A complex and passionate partnership based as much on mutual curiosity as a shared interest in the kinky side of life.

As they experiment in the bedroom, their bond grows. Together, they penetrate the local BDSM scene, making friends and enemies along the way, until their investigation collides with Tom’s research into government corruption. Their investigation and erotic adventures soon lead them into dangers neither anticipates or wants.

Format: Digital download
Release Date: 27 Aug 2015
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-814878-2
Justine Elyot is the author of the bestselling erotic novels On Demand and The Business of Pleasure, as well as enough short stories to fill several anthologies. She can be found on Twitter @Justine Elyot.

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