By Jacqui Rose

‘A thrilling and gripping novel.’ Roberta Kray

‘No matter what she did, he would always be there, right behind her. She could never escape’

Breaking the rules has fatal consequences…
Sixteen-year-old Laila has it all. She’s kind, beautiful and clever – and now she’s caught the attention of Ray-Ray Thompson. But since her father died, her uncle has become increasingly strict and she knows he will never approve of their relationship.
After a terrible ‘accident’ puts her love in hospital, Laila realises just how far her uncle will go to protect the family name. She must leave her feelings behind if she’s going to survive – because in Laila’s world, bringing dishonour on the family means paying the price…
Full of strong women and compelling twists, Dishonour is an addictive read perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers and Martina Cole.

Praise for Jacqui Rose

‘A captivating read from one of my favourite emerging authors.’ Mel Sherratt

‘Gritty and gripping – by a star in the making.’ Kimberley Chambers

‘A cracking good read.’ Jessie Keane

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 29 Aug 2013
Pages: 368
ISBN: 978-0-00-750359-9
Jacqui Rose is a novelist who hails from South Yorkshire. She first came to appreciate the power of the written word when as a child she charged her classmates a packet of sherbet dips to write their essays for them. Adopted at a young age and always a daydreamer, she felt isolated growing up in a small mining village and it was her writing which kept her company. She is a keen equestrian and the owner of two horses and spends most days riding.

Praise for Jacqui Rose: -

”'Gritty and gripping - by a star in the making.” - Kimberley Chambers

”'A thrilling and gripping novel.” - Roberta Kray

”'A cracking good read.” - Jessie Keane

”'A captivating read from one of my favourite emerging authors” - Mel Sherratt