Desperate Measures

By Kitty Neale

Four women seek the ultimate revenge against the men who betrayed them.

The gritty drama from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Nobody’s Girl.


Val Thorn, Paula Richardson, Cheryl Cutter and Betty Grayson have one thing in common – they have all been betrayed by men.


Rape victim Paula has been terrified ever since her brutal attack.

High-flyer Val’s life has fallen to pieces since she was forced out of her job.

Grief-stricken by her grandmother’s death, nurse Cheryl was tricked out of her inheritance.

Timid housewife Betty sacrificed all for her husband. Now, 20 years later, he’s left her and she’s destitute.


Now these four women want revenge. Masterminded by Val, the four women set out to right past wrongs. But will their role of avenging angels take them down a terrible road?

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 01 Oct 2011
Pages: 560
ISBN: 978-1-84756-351-4
Kitty Neale was raised in South London and this working class area became the inspiration for her novels. In the 1980s she moved to Surrey with her husband and two children, but in 1998 there was a catalyst in her life when her son died, aged just 27.After working for 2 years with other bereaved parents in a support group, Kitty took up writing as a form of catharsis, and now lives in Spain with her husband.

Praise for Nobody’s Girl and Sins of the Father: -

”'This pageturner is a gritty tale of survival.” - Tesco magazine

'Heartbreakingly poignant and joltingly realistic. From the first page the characters and their lives drew me in. It combines wonderfully accurate historical detail with true gritty realism in a book that fans of misery lit won't want to miss.' Annie Groves, author of As Time Goes By -

‘Full of drama and heartache.’Closer -

”'A gritty tale.” - Bella