Come Play With Me: An Erotica Collection

By Charlotte Stein, Madelynne Ellis, Rose de Fer, Justine Elyot, Heather Towne, Giselle Renarde, Lux Zakari, Kathleen Tudor, Elenya Lewis and Kitt Gerrard

Arousing stories about unforgettable invitations to misbehave.

Featuring original erotica from Madelynne Ellis, Justine Elyot, Charlotte Stein, Heather Towne, Rose de Fer and many more.

‘Come Play With Me’ is another hot short story collection from Mischief Books.

On Wednesdays, Freya pushes her fantasies to the limit with a group of willing men.

When one woman wears a T-shirt that says “You Can Have Me”, she means it.

On their anniversary, Cathy devises a unique system of sexy rewards for pleasing Glen.

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Format: Paperback
Release Date: 02 Oct 2013
Pages: 120
ISBN: 978-0-00-755332-7