Codes and Conspiracies

By Scott Mariani, Richard Heller and Rachael Heller

Exclusive Codes and Conspiracies boxset, containing three thrillers from some of the genre’s best writers. The set includes Scott Mariani’s ‘The Mozart Conspiracy’ and ‘The Alchemist’s Secret’, and Richard and Rachael Heller’s ‘The 13th Apostle’.

The Mozart Conspiracy by Scott Mariani

From the dreaming spires of Oxford to Venice’s labyrinthine canals and the majestic architecture of Vienna, join Ben Hope as he races across Europe to unravel the truth behind on of the century’s oldest puzzles.

The Doomsday Prophecy by Scott Mariani

When an ancient secret is uncovered, shock waves are felt across the world and civilisation itself is threatened by a fundamentalist plot to gain ultimate power.

The 13th Apostle by Richard and Rachael Heller

36AD: The 13th Apostle inscribes a message upon which mankind’s fate would one day be determined. Fast forward 2000 years and forensic specialist, Gill Pearson, must decipher an ancient diary and crack the code to the greatest mystery the world has ever known.

Format: Other Format
Release Date: 01 Sep 2011
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-1-84756-328-6

Praise for Scott Mariani’s ‘The Alchemist’s Secret’: -

‘Fans of Dan Brown will love this thrilling adventure’.Closer Magazine -

‘The [Alchemist’s Secret] establishes Scott Mariani as an author to watch.’M.J. Rose, international bestselling author of The Reincarnationist -

‘Mariani does a great job of balancing the historical stuff with the basic plot to keep the pages turning.’Oxford Mail -

‘Scott Mariani brings it all to the table in this fast-paced thriller that rockets off the first page and never slows down. The Alchemist’s Secret is packed with dark intrigue, danger around every corner, bullets flying, sexual tension, and an endless assault of nasty villains bent on stopping ex-SAS Ben Hope from finding the secret to an ancient manuscript. It’s everything a thriller should be and more.’Joe Moore, international bestselling co-author of THE GRAIL CONSPIRACY -