A Brand New Me

By Shari Low

For anyone who’s ever thought January 1st would be the first day of their new life…

Three-Two-One…. Happy New Year!

The champagne corks popped, streamers fell, the music blared, lovers embraced and hearts overflowed with joy as they welcomed in a new year…

But unfortunately all that happened on the TV.

In Leni Lomond’s living room three twenty-something friends sat shrouded in dejection, each clutching a sparkler in one hand and a drink in the other.

Eventually Leni spoke up. “I’m making a resolution.”
‘This is it – this is the year I find the perfect job, the perfect man and the perfect life.”

Three Weeks Later…

Leni is now PA to Zara Delta, spiritual guru, author, television celebrity and founder of the web’s most popular astrology site www.itsinthestars.net. So what if she doesn’t know her rising moon from Uranus, she’ll wing it somehow. Less than a month into the New Year and she’s already on her way to fulfilling one of her resolutions. But she hasn’t counted on her first assignment – to date men who belong to every sign of the zodiac and then report back to her batty boss.

Mission Impossible? Well, certainly Mission Bloody Difficult, given that she’s spent the last two of her 27 years resoundingly single.

Exasperation, cynicism and sheer exhaustion soon set in.
Just when Leni’s ready to give it all up, forget her resolutions and return to a life of tedium her fortunes begin to turn.

Can Leni control her fate, her feelings and fulfil the promise she made to herself at the start of the year? Or is her destiny already written in the stars?

Author: Shari Low
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 29 Dec 2008
Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-1-84756-017-9
For much of Shari’s working life she was a nightclub manager, standing on club doors arguing with crazy drunk people in Glasgow and Shanghai. She also ran a leisure complex in Hong Kong, a position that, given her ample curves, made her the fattest health club manager in South East Asia. However, one March day in 2000, she got her first book deal. Ten minutes later she discovered that she was pregnant. Two children, stretch marks and oh-my-God-the-cellulite later, Shari now spends her days writing books, screenplays and two weekly columns for the Daily Record. It\'s great… but she does miss the crazy drunk people…


”'Hilariously addictive.” - Closer

'Great fun from start to finish.' Jenny Colgan, author of West End Girls -

”'There are just two words for Shari Low: utterly hilarious. I laughed like a drain.” - Carmen Reid, author of The Personal Shopper

”'Feisty fun.” - The Mirror

”'A thrilling page turner that grabs your attention from the off. Highly recommended.” - The Sun