Beth Thomas

Beth has always loved to write, a trait probably inherited from her uncle who is a very successful children’s author. Languages were her forte at school, but she decided not to go to university after her A levels as she had had enough of education by then. Also she had met her future husband and had started making plans. Her desire to be a writer was put on hold for a decade while she got married and had her two children, but when they were safely at school, or tucked up at night, she started again.

One day a friend suggested that they challenge themselves to do the Moonwalk, and it changed her life. The experience was not just the training and the event itself; it became a pivotal moment in her life that has inspired her over and over again to do more, to achieve more. She realised at the finish line that she could accomplish anything she set out to accomplish, and it gave her renewed belief in herself. She wrote Carry You partly in the midst of training (some of it dictated onto her phone while she was actually out walking) and partly a year after the event, by which time she had completed her second Moonwalk.
She now sets herself a new challenge every year. This year she has already faced her paralysing fear of heights and climbed mount Snowdon. Working full time and writing every spare moment whilst giving her two teenagers the attention they deserve, and distance walking in between is a challenge in itself, but she needs something for next year. Ideas anyone?

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