What zodiac sign is your cat?

Ever wondered how your cat’s zodiac sign affects its personality? What sign is the biggest hunter, or the most likely to be a lap cat? Which is the most fond of its food, or the most loyal? How does the zodiac sign affect their character? Can it also explain favourite foods, toys, pastimes and temperament?

Humans are always reading their horoscopes. Claire, one of my owners, insists on reading her and her husband’s stars almost daily, so I thought it was about time that we did the same for cats. I, Alfie, believe that star signs are as relevant to cats as they are to people, so I wanted to put together this fun guide to your cat’s star sign. I am a Scorpio and as you will see when you get to read about Scorpios, it really does explain a lot about my personality. Therefore, I am a firm believer in Catstrology.

Astrologer Jessica Adams, whose horoscopes appear everywhere from Vogue Japan, to Family Circle USA, to Cosmopolitan Australia, is helping me to delve into how the zodiac affects your favourite pets. In our brief guide, you can learn how your cat’s star sign can affect your cat’s personality. Personally, I believe it’s as fascinating as pilchards.

Your cat’s star sign is either when they were born or when they were adopted by you – and as many of you know, adoption is like a re-birth for us cats. By reading our special guide, you can discover which star signs belong to the most independent of cats, the biggest divas, the silliest cats, and the cleverest.

Welcome to Catstrology, or as I also like to call it, Alfiescopes!


Aries – 21st March to 19th April

The Aries cat is one competitive cat. Watch out as they can be prone to pick fights with other cats; the Aries is a natural fighter and will take on dogs, humans – probably even a giraffe. The Aries cat is also a biter. They are not necessarily aggressive but they do believe in the natural order. They like to be top cat! So, for example, don’t take an Aries to a cat show; they do not like coming second or worse, third.

The Aries cat is athletic and a very fast runner who can go from 0 to 100 with ease. These cats are competitive and will run races with greyhounds. Tickle an Aries cat’s tummy at your own peril as you’ll get attacked. They are quite the hunter, and will always be able to take care of themselves. I also wouldn’t recommend getting too close with mouse-on-a-string or fish-on-a-rod games because the Aries cat will thwack you a good one.

Aries is a masculine sign so even the prettiest little female Aries kitten can seem blokey. Aries cats will often looks good in a red collar. And whatever the coat, spiritually, the Aries cat is a ginger Tom.

Perhaps the best thing about the Aries cat is that you always know your place with them. They come first, you don’t.

Taurus – 20th April to 20th May

One of the overriding characteristics of Taurus cats is that they definitely like their food. They are greedy pussy cats who put on layers for winter… all year around. They also have impeccable taste in food as they prefer human food to cat food, likely because human food costs more. They are salmon mad… Cheese crazy… And they can even say ‘brie’ in meow-meow language. They save food for later as if it’s money in a bank account. Not great at sharing that food though, so don’t try to make them.

The Taurus cat will also earn it’s keep – they are excellent ratters. They do tend to bring their trophies home through the cat flap in return for rewards, and if this doesn’t work (we know that with humans, our trophies aren’t always appreciated) the Taurus cat will learn tricks to earn rewards as they believe in being paid for a job well done.

Taurus cats like cat shows – if they win – but can be awfully miffed if they miss out on the money. Basically, the Taurus cat expects to be well rewarded. They can also be possessive about their belongings, so don’t take their toy catnip mouse or there will be consequences…

Gemini – 21st May to 20th June

Geminis are the cats that like to communicate most. They are definitely a chatty catty! They have a vocabulary of different meows and it’s up to you, as humans, to translate them. They are very bright cats, who know how to say words like ‘hello’ and ask ‘why?’, even as kittens. Leave paint around and Gemini cats will step in it in order to leave paw print messages around the house. It’s cat code for whatever you don’t normally understand…

Geminis are also computer cats who, like many of us cats, insists on lying on the laptop or sprawling all over the keyboard. However, the Gemini cat will take it further: they like technology and are the zodiac sign most likely to end up as a YouTube star. One of their favourite things is watching other cats on the internet and they will try to talk back to them. Communicator, friend, and technology savvy.

Gemini cats can look as if they are in cartoons a lot of the time because they strike a pose. You can see a thought bubble coming out of their head – even when silent, they are communicating.


Cancer – 21st June to 22nd July

Cancer cats are known for affection; they make pretty good lap cats. They are cuddle cats that know when you need someone, and will get close – all the way up to your face. Cancer cats are most likely to miss their mums, so when bringing them home, pay special attention to their needs.

They are sociable cats and get lonely by themselves, so they either need other cats in the household or, at the very least, toy animals to cuddle up to. The Cancer cat is always one of the family and will fit right in with whatever family they are in. They will end up as the star in all Christmas photos. They can also be clingy and love to ride around on human shoulders.

They often strike the crab pose of the Cancer zodiac sign when asleep, curled up with their front paws under their chin. Cancer cats are also patriotic; they go wild at the World Cup and will leap up when the anthem sounds. Note: let them watch the Queens Speech at Christmas and they will be very happy cats.

Just a warning though, Cancer cats do not like change. They dislike moving house and can wander back, so be aware. Otherwise, lavish your Cancer cat with affection and they will certainly do the same to you.


Leo – 23rd July to 22nd August

Leo cats are the rulers, or monarchs, of the house – and the garden. They walk tall with their tails in the air, like the Stray Cats song. The Leo cat is the original Disney Aristocat. Even the strays and adopted tabbies look pure bred. Every Leo cat has pedigree and lineage, even if they are mixed breeds. Every Leo cat will have a special someone in their family tree and their bloodline may feature exotic breeds. Your tabby today may have been part exotic ocelot once. Dignified, with fabulous posture, they have beautifully aligned spines. Treat them like royalty and you will be fine.Leo cats have personalities to match their looks. They rule the roost and find it hard to accept that any other animal can be part of the household. The newcomer will have to be taken down a peg, permanently. But once again, as long as everyone knows their place, they will get on famously with the ruler of the cats: the Leo. This goes for other cats, humans and all other animals. Even pot plants need to learn their place with a Leo cat.


Virgo – 23rd August to 22nd September

Virgo cats can easily become bored and need to be kept busy. A bored Virgo cat will drive you and everyone else crazy, even making messes purely so they can help clean up. Eventually, you will realise that they essentially want to accompany you to the office. This is why Virgo cats spread themselves over your laptop or sit deliberately in front of the screen – it is not because they are being difficult, but because they need to get to work. Give a Virgo cat a job and they will be the most productive cat you have ever seen. Give them nothing to do and they’ll also be productive, but your house might suffer as a consequence.

The Virgo cat is intelligent, has great loyalty and commitment, and can be a bit of a perfectionist. They love cleanliness. Make sure you give your Virgo cat tasks to do and they’ll be happy all day long. But beware – a bored Virgo spells trouble. Maybe get a mouse in?!


Libra – 23rd September to 22nd October

Libra cats can make enemies quickly. And any enemies made by a Libra cat can last for years. They have their very own Wars of the Roses going on across next door’s rose bushes, with a rival cat. Think Salmon and Tiger and you might get the right idea. Sometimes the feud lasts so long no one can remember what triggered it. It’s more of a grudge than a violent exchange so try not to upset a Libra cat and you’ll be fine. They are loyal as long as they feel you deserve such loyalty. It’s not a bad idea to spoil a Libra cat.

Libra cats can also engage in mock attacks as a form of flirtation until their love interest hits back. It doesn’t always work, but then wooing other cats is not easy for any zodiac sign…


Scorpio – 23rd October to 22nd November

Scorpio cats are passionate about life and love. Both their own love lives and those of other people… and cats. Scorpio cats like to get involved. They are not terribly good on their own, and are single for long. As a result, they can get into complicated relationships – oh yes, we know that one. Nothing is ever simple in the life of a Scorpio cat. Life is never simple for a Scorpio.

Scorpios like to have the upper paw in any situation. It doesn’t take long before they have humans or other cats wrapped around their little paws with their characteristic intense stare. Even when they are tiny kittens, Scorpio cats are very powerful.

Scorpio cats forgive and forget… not. They will find their own sweet way of exacting revenge if they feel they have been wronged by another cat, or even by you. It’s about power: they need to make sure they still have it. But in fairness, the Scorpio cat will always use that for good rather than evil, so it’s fine. Mostly. Scorpio cats might be a little self-absorbed but they definitely also have their hearts in the right place. Their heads… well, that’s another story.


Sagittarius  – 22nd November to 22nd December

Sagittarius cats are the thinkers of the cat world. If there was a spiritual leader of cats it would be them. These are philosophical cats, like T. S. Eliot’s great thinkers and dreamers, and they have a benign smile on their face that might remind you of a Zen Buddhist or perhaps a monk from the Middle Ages. They’ve got it all figured out. With their incredible intelligence and calm manner, they can really understand what is going on.

Sagittarius cats also like to travel, even if only within their own universe. They will be out and about exploring a lot, and learning from their environment. It’s how they learn the meaning of life. And as their owner, you will be able to see them thinking at all times. You might not know what they’re thinking, but rest assured, it will be very deep.


Capricorn – 22nd December to 20th January

The Capricorn cat is one busy cat. This is the kitten who climbs up the curtain or clambers up to the top of the stepladder in the garden (no fear of heights here!). Ambitious? Absolutely. Capricorn cats have a knack of getting to extreme heights and they feel quite comfortable there. It’s reflective of their need to strive for the top in all things. They also feel no sense of danger so watch out as they might need to have that pointed out to them at times.

Perhaps the most determined of all the cat signs, Capricorn cats can also be very helpful and practical. You need to be careful that they don’t get into too many scrapes – and if they do, you need to be on hand to save them. Being the owner of a Capricorn cat can be very time consuming, but there will never be a dull moment. And if you ever need help putting the fairy on top of the tree at Christmas, you know who to ask…


Aquarius – 20th January to 18th February

The Aquarius cat will be very popular – perhaps the most popular cat in the zodiac. The Aquarius is the only cat in town who will have a network of dogs, goldfish, parrots and other oddities in the neighbourhood. It’s a gang, and what a gang! Aquarius cats like to know they are part of a greater animal tribe. Even hamsters can join. Very inclusive and welcoming, the Aquarius cat won’t make anyone feel they don’t belong. Even humans are fully included in their pack.

But Aquarius cats can also be very indecisive. Do not give them two bowls of food; the effort in trying to decide might be far too much for them. But as a general rule, they are pretty easy going, fun to be around, and always ready for a party.


Pisces – 18th February to 20th March

The Pisces cat is away with the fairies. A dreamer, not a doer – and sometimes you will feel like tapping a Pisces cat on the side of the head to enquire if anyone is home. They love fish tanks and ponds, and can spend hours watching fish drift past. They will be constantly curious about your bath or shower and will try to get in. They don’t necessarily share the normal cat fear of water.

Pisces cats like to go under objects – particularly beds, but also garden sheds, so be careful. They love hiding, so you might find them under chairs and tables too. Their disappearing acts will start as soon as you get them home, even when they are tiny kittens.

The Pisces cat is also sensitive. They have beautiful, almost liquid eyes. They are also psychic and know when you are going away or coming back, so it is no coincidence when you find them waiting for you at just the right time…


by Rachel Wells and Jessica Adams

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