Did you know, HOME ALONE is one of our top Christmas films? (LOVE IT!) So when the delightful author Sophie Pembroke started teasing us with hints about a book she was writing about an adorable little bulldog home alone for Christmas, we were like, ‘SOPHIE LET US READ IT NOW!!!’ So she did, and we bought it because we simple HAD to publish CLAUDE’S CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE. Claude had climbed onto our laps, curled up and was quietly snoring as we read – we loved him so much we couldn’t let him go.

The story follows Claude as he realises he won’t be spending Christmas at home after Daisy and Oliver McCawley start using new words like, ‘ferry’, ‘chateau’ and ‘France’. Only, when he finds himself on the street, as the family car pulls away, Claude realises he is ALONE. And more importantly, he is without all the yummy treats he knows the festive season brings… Cue the start of Claude’s Christmas Adventure. Can you think of anything more adorable? There’s even an arch-nemesis cat, Perdita, LOL. Charlotte Ledger – the lucky editor working with Sophie on this book – is a world-renowned sucker for Christmas and she says, ‘This is festive fun at its best.’ You heard it here first, guys. And, don’t worry, you only have to wait till October for this gorgeous little hardback. It’s the PERFECT stocking filler, under-the-tree gift or just lovely treat for you to curl up with.

One thing’s for sure, there will be a new pet in your family this Christmas. Don’t blame us if he nestles his way into your heart and refuses to go home!

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