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The Pretender's Gold

To mark the publication of the gripping new adventure thriller by bestselling author Scott Mariani, we’re offering one person the chance to win an Adventure Holiday in Scotland in partnership with Much Better adventures.

How to enter

For a chance to win a castaway weekend on a remote Scottish Island, hosted by Much Better Adventures complete these two tasks:

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About the book

When things get rough, we should all have a friend like Ben Hope…

Retired army sergeant Boonzie McCulloch travels to the wintry Highlands of Scotland to help a relative in danger, but is soon deeper in it himself than he’d bargained for. Ruthless, controlling thugs are running amok across the region and will kill anybody to get their hands on a historic hoard of lost gold treasure.

But the villains haven’t reckoned on what’s coming their way. Because when you mess with an old comrade of ex-SAS major Ben Hope, you’re bringing a whole world of trouble down on yourself. Once he gets started he won’t stop until he gets the job done. With Hope on the war path, the snowy Highland wilderness is about to warm up considerably…

A gripping must-read for fans of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher and Mark Dawson’s John Milton series.

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