Playlists for Little Bones

Music has always meant a lot to me as a person and a writer. Great songs can be inspiring and I always have a set play list when writing my books. Lyrics and melodies that evoke characters and situations, while allowing you to concentrate on the ebb and flow of the action; for me, this is key in my writers tool box.

I’m a first person writer (most of the time) so being in certain emotional states when you write is crucial to ensure your character is saying, feeling and experiencing what theyre supposed to, even if its something that Ive never personally felt.

Below youll find a playlist split in two, one for the protagonist of Little Bones Cherrie and the other for her serial killer father Mr Bones.

The book is set around Halloween and will be released on 31st Oct, so most of the songs have a spooky theme.

So, queue up the playlist, turn the lights down low and let the music take you deeper into the characters, their psyches, and their past. Close your eyes and dig deeper into Little Bones.

Cherrie’s Playlist

Mr Bones Playlist

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