Our Team’s Christmas Favourites

We all have our Christmas traditions: from watching our favourite festive movies to listening to Christmas classics whilst wrapping the presents or having a mince pie for breakfast on Christmas day!

But at Avon, our staff have some very bookish traditions for Christmas as well.

Have a look to see what books our team will be reading over the festive period, their favourite Christmas film and their special Christmas tradition.


  • Christmas Read: The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore.
  • Christmas Film: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Jim Carrey deserved an Oscar for his performance in my eyes.
  • Christmas Tradition: Waking up to the smell of the roast dinner cooking.


  • Christmas Read: A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern –it’s always good to go into the new year feeling a little less lost.
  • Christmas Film: Love, Actually
  • Christmas Tradition: Champagne for breakfast!


  • Christmas Read: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It always makes me reflect on how grateful I am to have the simple things in life at this time of the year, and it preaches such a great message about kindness.
  • Christmas Film: Home Alone – a classic, and I love everything to do with NYC!
  • Christmas Tradition: Playing board games with my family, not just because everyone is so competitive and it’s hilarious, but because spending quality time with them is the best!


  • Christmas Book: Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas by Adam Kay I read this recently and it’s brilliant, making you realise just how hard our NHS work – not just at Christmas, but always.
  • Christmas Film: Love, Actually – I can actually quote it word for word… and you can’t beat Hugh Grant dancing!
  • Christmas Tradition: Hanging up our stockings – even with us all being in our late 20s, my brothers and I continue to hook them up by the fire and wait for Santa to come…


  • Christmas Book: The Grinch Who Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss. I was absolutely terrified of this book and film when I was little so it feels like a personal victory now when I read it to my cousins at Christmastime and I’m enjoying it as much as they are – and not scared. Not even a little bit.
  • Christmas Film: It’s a Wonderful Life – a timeless classic.
  • Christmas Tradition: We had crackers a few years ago with little bells inside which each play a different note. These now come out every year for some slightly off-key Christmas tunes.


  • Christmas Book: The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. When I was little, I used to listen to it on tape to help me fall asleep, and it always reminds me of this time of year.
  • Christmas Film: The Holiday – it’s probably my favourite film ever!
  • Christmas Tradition: Every year my siblings and I each buy a new bauble for our tree – we have one for every year since we were born. It means our tree is very much a crazy, mismatched hodgepodge rather than one of the stylish works of art you see on Instagram, but it also tells a story and I love it!


  • Christmas Book: I love A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett – it’s a great comfort read with a good cry and a happy ending.
  • Christmas Film: Elf – it makes me laugh every year!
  • Christmas Tradition: Wearing pyjamas all day.


  • Christmas Book: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I love how Ebenezer Scrooge actively despises Christmas, but the timely visit from the ghosts of past, present and future force him to confront his more challenging personality traits in time for the festivities.
  • Christmas Film: Bridget Jones’s Diary – because there’s nothing better than sitting on the sofa wearing matching pyjamas with a bottle of red wine, watching Bridget do exactly the same thing. Plus, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant make for such enjoyable viewing.
  • Christmas Tradition: Tacky Christmas earring competition. I now have quite the collection…

What are your Christmas favourites?


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