What our editors are looking for

Have you written a book? Congratulations! That’s a lot of hours and hard work that you’ve powered through and you should be proud. Now comes the daunting task of sending it out to agents who will hopefully pick it up and send it on to publishers. We know it can be pretty nerve-wracking – there’s a reason we work for a publisher rather than be authors ourselves 😉 – so we thought we’d offer what help we can give.

Read on to find out what the editors at Avon Books UK are looking for when they read a manuscript.


Rachel Faulkner-Willcocks – Senior Commissioning Editor

“In terms of genre, I’m interested in everything – from cosy romance to dark contemporary crime, and all the shades in between. I would love to read some big, character driven novels; original voices that offer an interesting perspective on the world, whether that be from a quirky older protagonist or a cynical millennial. I love contemporary women’s fiction, particularly with a sense of humour. If your book makes me laugh, consider me sold. Please send me whimsical Reading Group fiction, dark domestic thrillers and any historical fiction set around the world wars of the Twentieth Century. I love working with authors who are brimming with ideas and excited to hear all about them!”


Phoebe Morgan – Commissioning Editor

“I can never resist a brilliant psychological thriller or a marriage gone wrong, but I’m also particularly looking out for more women’s fiction and book club fiction that will get readers talking and raise interesting questions. I’d love to find a young, relatable heroine or an older, quirkier character who can carry a fast-paced story or make me laugh. I’m always sucked in by a strong narrative voice and a tightly plotted drama – so if that’s you, please do drop me a line! And if you’re the next Liane Moriarty, get in touch day or night!”


Victoria Oundjian – Editor

“I’m looking for stories that keep me up reading well into the night, with strong characters I really care about, a fresh hook and an original voice that keeps me guessing. If you’re writing a laugh-out-loud women’s fiction novel, a sweeping historical story, a novel with a touch of magical realism, a romantic comedy or a gripping thriller, then please get in touch. Most importantly, I want to hear from diverse voices across the British population. If you are writing a novel that you think I’ll love, I cannot wait to hear from you!”


Katie Loughnane – Editor

“I am very much open to reading and loving any book, and the best thing about being an editor at Avon is that I get to work across a number of genres from women’s fiction to psychological suspense. I’m passionate about commercially focused publishing and am always on the lookout for brilliant new voices in fiction that will have mass market appeal. I’m particularly drawn to darker women’s fiction and thrillers that are tightly plotted with distinctive characters, a strong, compelling narrative (good hook mandatory!) and a believable (but not always honest) voice. I’m also partial to an unlikeable heroine, and I like a book to keep me on the edge of my seat. Even better if it makes me want to sleep with the light on…”


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