B&B On The Beach

It’s easy to complain about the British weather, especially given the sudden torrential downpours that often show up, but the beauty of a book is that it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside.

It’s been a brilliantly hot summer over here at Avon and it hasn’t stopped yet. While everyone else is donning their autumn casuals, digging out their wellington boots and umbrellas, we’re basking in the sunny glow of Kat French’s phenomenal B&B on The Beach. Like the July sunshine, we’re confident this will continue to rise in the charts, beaming into your life and never show signs of setting. OK, OK, I’ll stop with the sun puns.

Just remember, if it’s miserable out the window, you can have as much heat as you want between the pages of a brilliant summer read. Kat’s latest book is all about incredible women and their strong friendships – and GIN. It doesn’t get better really. Grab yours and meet us on the island of Skelidos.

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