Avon Books’ Christmas Guide

Avon Books’ Christmas Guide It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is just a few weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited! As wonderful as it is with the endless parties, mountains of mince pies and gallons of mulled wine, it’s also a very busy season and there’s lots going on. Now, weRead More

Our Halloween Story for Cuckoo

Yesterday we finally revealed Cuckoo by Sophie Draper, then spent the day eating Halloween treats and asking all of our colleagues to help us create a spooky story by contributing just one line. The first line was supplied by author Sophie Draper, but the story took a while to really gain some momentum. Why? Well,Read More

Halloween story - Cuckoo by Sophie Draper

A Day in the Life of a Publicity Manager

Hi everyone, Quick introduction – my name is Sabah and I look after all the publicity here at Avon Books. Publicity is something that people tend to get mixed up with marketing and events but the roles are very similar and there is a lot of crossover so I work very closely with the marketingRead More

Sabah Khan, Publicity Manager Avon Books

Being an editor and author

There are a LOT of characters roaming around inside my head. Some good, some bad, some murderous, some loveable. There’s even some loveable murderers in the mix at times. Working as a commissioning editor, I spend my days wrapped up in the fascinating world of other writers’ novels – from Sunday Times bestsellers to debutRead More

Being an editor and author - Phoebe Morgan

What our editors are looking for

Have you written a book? Congratulations! That’s a lot of hours and hard work that you’ve powered through and you should be proud. Now comes the daunting task of sending it out to agents who will hopefully pick it up and send it on to publishers. We know it can be pretty nerve-wracking – there’sRead More

Avon Books UK

Frequently Asked Questions: submissions

Not sure about whether or not you should submit our manuscript to us? We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions that will hopefully help you on your way.   What font/size/spacing should my submission be? Ensure your story is legible, but we recommend no smaller than pt 12 Please submit your story as a Word documentRead More

Avon Books Submissions

About 99 Red Balloons

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Editor? At Avon, every day is different. Some days we can come in, grab a quick coffee and then head straight to a meeting about anything from strategy to social media. Some days, meetings are back to back and we only return to our desksRead More

How Avon Books got 99 Red Balloons